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The city Jbeil is a famous tourist spot, history supports that it is one of the oldest cities in Lebanon region. There are authentic evidences that the city existed at time of Trojan War and it is one of the oldest cities found from the pre-historical age, mankind has ever founded. Presently, Jbeil is also known as Byblos and besides a tourist destination, it is a busy and highly prosperous town.  Tourists from all corners of the world come to visit this beautiful city to feel its old historical vibes and to enjoy the spectacular mountain views in the backdrop of blue Mediterranean.


Jbeil-City Highlights


Jbeil Car RentalJbeil is also known as Byblos; it is one of the prime tourist attractions on Lebanon. It is not possible to mention any specific places in Jbeil as tourist spot because the city is the history and archeology incarnate. The Holy Valley or Qadisah Valley is one of the most scared places of this region and it is listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Tripoli is another place with enticing beauty and old heritage spots near to Jbeil. 
The Crusader’s Castle, Obelisks’ temple [19-16th Century BC], the royal necropolis, some renowned Sarcophagi, old walls of Mediaeval age etc, whispers the historical legends. The fishing port is an old port, the witness of diverse culture and civilization of Lebanon history at Jbeil.

Traveling in Jebeil is all about moving from one place to another. Comfort of a good car will help in reducing your stress and exhaustion of random travel journey.


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