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The Tyre City in Lebanon is built with rocks so the name of the city has been derived from rocks. The city is situated in the south of Beirut and is extended from the coast of Mediterranean sea. The Tyre is the fourth largest city of Lebanon. One of the most important ports of Lebanon is situated in Tyre. Tourism is the main business of this city. Every year many tourists come to visit the city and its prehistoric ruins. Tourists can hire a car from a reputable car rental service to reach their destinations comfortably.


Tyre City Highlights


Tyre Car RentalTyre is a wonderful city and it offers a unique blend of tourist destinations to the tourists. There are a number of ancient sites in the city. The Roman hippodrome is an interesting destination that you can visit. The hippodrome was included in the list of UNESCO as one of the heritage sites of the World. Drive your way to the tomb of king Ahiram and the double domed Shia mosque and watch out the beautiful architects. The remains of a roman cemetery can be another spot you can go. You can also visit the colorful souks or markets and enjoy shopping. Tourists can enjoy all the historic places by hiring a car. 


Why choose Car Rental Lebanon?


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