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Zahle is the capital city of the district of Beqaa in Lebanon. It is one of the largest cities of Lebanon. Zahle is commonly known as the “Bride of Beqaa Valley” due to its natural beauty. The city is renowned for its clean locale, fresh air, exquisite resorts and mouth-watering cuisines. The Bardaouni River crosses the city and renders it pictorial scenery. The agricultural sector in the city is quite prevalent as it produces fruits, vegetables, grains and grapes. It is also a political and cultural hub. Zahle is a major tourist destination and is visited by many tourists from all over the world throughout the year. If you want to spend your next vacation in Zahle and explore this beautiful city with comfort, then you should get yourself a car rental facility from Car Rental Lebanon.

Zahle- City Highlights

Zahle Car RentalThe local architecture of the Geha House, the restored government house or The Serail, the early 20th century architecture- Hotel America, the tiled market or The Souk al-Blatt, the commercial center called Housh El-Zarani, The Church of St. Elias, The Monastery of Our Lady of Najat are some of the places you should definitely visit. In order to make your trip to Zahle City more memorable, we suggest that you hire a car from the Car Rental Lebanon.

Why Choose Car Rental Lebanon?

Car Rental Lebanon does not provide you with transportation but it gives you transport with comfort which can  make your journey a memorable one. You can always count on the services of Car Rental Lebanon. It lets you choose your own way as you get to choose not just a car but also have yourself picked up from the location of your own choice. With Car Rental Lebanon you can rent your car directly from Zahle or you can pre-book it before you reach your destination.

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