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Baalbeck is a picturesque town located at the eastern banks of the Litani River in the Bekaa valley in Lebanon. This town is renowned for its intricately detailed and monumentally scaled ruins of the temples of Roman period. During the Roman rule this town was called Heliopolis. The city of Baalbeck was one of biggest sanctuaries in the Roman Empire. This temple ruin is counted as one of the marvels of the ancient world. This temple is well preserved and is the most beautiful Roman temples ever created. Hiring a car is a great option if you are traveling to Baalbeck and want to take a trip around the wonderful attractions of this historical city.


Baalbeck Lebanon – Highlights


Baalbeck Car RentalBaalbeck is a paradise for every history aficionado. The blend of architectural magnificence and scenic locale attract tourists from all over the world. The temple ruins are an amalgamation of Roman splendor and local influence. It is depicted in the mix of indigenous deities like Hadad, Atargatis with the Triad of Jupiter, Bacchus and Venus. In 1984 Baalbeck was declared as a World heritage Site. You can visit this exotic city when it celebrates the famous Baalbeck International Festival. This festival is the most well-known and oldest cultural affair in the eastern Mediterranean and Middle East region. Dance, classical music, opera, jazz, theater as well as the contemporary world music are presented her. You can rent a car from the airport to travel to the Roman Acropolis where this program has been organized every year since 1955.


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