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Bhamdoun is a small town in Lebanon lying atop the Lamartine valley. The town is composed of two separate villages namely Bhamdoun-el-mhatta and Bhamdoun-el-day'aa. It was during the end of the 19th century when a railroad was constructed via Damascus linking Beirut. Ever since then this town emerged as one of the most favoured places for a short summer trip. You can avail a car rental from Beirut and cover Hazmeih, Fayyadieh, Dahr El Wahesh, Aley to finally reach Bhamdoun. It’s just a 23km drive. Book your stay in one of the popular resorts of the town and have a great holiday.

Bhamdoun Highlights

Bhamdoun Car RentalThe orthodox Christian culture of this town makes it unique. Bhamdoun has as many as five churches, one synagogue and three mosques displaying exquisite artwork and eye-catching architecture. The two orthodox churches liven up the Greek cultural and religious aspects. All the five churches were demolished during the civil war. But soon they were renovated. Since there are lots to see in Bhamdoun, you must hire a car and plan your sightseeing schedule peacefully. Friendly local folks, a matchless natural beauty and a comfortable temperature are the key features of Bhamdoun tourism. Don’t forget to check out the restaurants, shops and entertainment centers before taking off from Bhamdoun.

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