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The Phoenician city Gebal, is presently known as Byblos. Byblos, a Mediterranean city located in Lebanon is often considered to be one of the oldest inhabited places of the world. It owes it’s touristic significance to the cluttered relics of the ancient times. Gold, copper and silver coins belonging to the Graeco Roman period are said to be found along the Byblos harbour and streets. Various historic remnants have been excavated over the years which indicate the cultural, political and economical features of this erstwhile city-state. Just drive a 37km distance from Beirut and reach Byblos. But for that you got to rent a car.

Byblos Highlights

Byblos Car RentalOnce you visit Byblos a nostalgic ancient appearance will engross you. The castle, constructed by the Crusaders of the 12th and 13th centuries is the first place you should stop over. You can also walk around the port nearby. The Egyptian and the Phoenician Temples are the must-watch sites. Other highlights include the Byblos Wax museum, Medieval City Wall, fossil Museum and the Baptist Church. The Phoenician Royal Necropolis is noteworthy for its oldest alphabetic inscriptions; these writings were etched during the era of King Ahiram. For a leisure treat rent a car and walk by the sandy Byblos beaches, dine at the exclusive fish restaurants, freak out at the open-air bars and explore the appealing outdoor cafes.

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