Beit Ed Dine Car Rental

Literary meaning the "House of Religion"), Beit ed-Dine is small town which lies southeast of the more cosmopolitan Beirut. The road to Beit ed-Dine is a fascinating journey in itself.  Driving down the coastal highway you will traverse up the breathtaking Damour river valley to reach this small but unique Lebanese town. It is separated from the town of Deir el-Qamar by a steep but beautiful valley. Hire a car to drive through these natural splendors to reach the historic town.


Beit ed-Dine Highlights


Beit Ed Dine Car RentalThe Beiteddine Palace is what draws tourists in hordes to this otherwise humble little town, round the year. Showcasing early 19th century Lebanese architecture and magnificent Canaanite-Phoenician works of art, the palace houses some of the world’s best collections of medieval weaponry, costumes and antique jewelry. It was constructed by Emir Bechir El Chehab II who was known for his long rule and many reforms. It is said it that took thirty years to build this palace and to this day it holds a position of prominence in Lebanese history. It is also the modern day site for the Beiteddine Festival that takes place every summer.
The various museums and gardens in Beit ed-Dine are maintained in their full medieval splendor and make good tourist stopovers. Arranging for a rental car from a good agency during your stay here will ensure that you enjoy Beit ed-Dine in leisure and in comfort.


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