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Located at the side of majestic Jounieh Bay, the city offers spectacular landscape and a prospering community. Those who want to enjoy serene nature with splash city amenities will find Jounieh immensely attractive and interesting. There are lots of hotels, motels, theaters, restaurants, nightclubs, sports club, beach clubs, art galleries, cinemas, amusement centers, Chalets etc; in one word it is the hub of cultures and civilization of Lebanon.


The nearest airport of this tourist city is Jounieh Airport and one of the most eye-catching airports in this region.


Jounieh Lebanon-City Highlights


Jounieh Car RentalJounieh the tourist city is great place for outdoor water sports like gliding, Para skiing, boating, canoeing, jet skiing etc; night life of this city is bewitching with lots of good casinos; Maameltein , the sister city of Jounieh is widely famous for its enticing casinos like world famous Casini Du Liban. Kaslik is another neighborhood city with lots of entertainment venues.

There are others attrctions of this bay side city like The Statue of Our Lady Harissa, The Jounieh Bay Area, Dog River, Mount Lebanon, The Municipal Hall, and the Lebanese Museum are some other places which should not be missed during Jounieh travel plan.

Hiring a car will be a great option to enjoy in and around the city of Jouneih; therefore coming to this city you should arrange a rental car for your service.


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